Posted by: stackedfivehigh | June 17, 2012

One project done, two more started

One of my “down-time” projects was to go through the file room and put the files in reverse-chronological order, for each ID/client, and ensure each file had its appropriate sticker indicating the year of the file. I’m not entirely sure how to even ballpark the number of files, but it took a few weeks.

Now that I’ve finished checking the files, I’m going back through and pulling any files that are old enough that they should have been sent off-site already. This isn’t a large proportion, but I already have about 6 boxes and am a third of the way through the files.

Once the cleaning is done, I’ll start on a much larger project. I’m going to review each corporate history file to ensure each paper was put in the right client’s file and to ensure the papers are in reverse-chron order. A little quality control is a good thing. I like these projects because they provide a break from writing/reviewing policy, and I can get up from the desk and move around a bit. There’s a great balance in the office between these types of projects that I really appreciate.

I’m also enjoying doing reference work, though it’s something I still have to ask a lot of questions about. I’m starting to understand the myriad places to search for information, and am working on writing a guide to it, both for myself and so the researchers can get as much information on their own as possible.



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