Posted by: stackedfivehigh | May 23, 2012

April-May update

Another semester completed – as well as a degree and certificate – and a whole month off before grad school starts. The last month was rather crazy, as the MARAC Conference led into two major papers being due, then finals, but I got it all done. The conference was okay; there weren’t as many topics that I was as interested in as last time, but Cape May was a nice town and it was nice to go walk on the beach for a few hours. And eat (and buy several pounds of) salt water taffy, which I’m still steadily working my way through.

I’m all signed up for my one summer class, and weighing out which 2 of 3 classes I want to take in the fall. I’m hoping to take one in-person and one online whenever possible, but there’s no forecast of online classes, so I can’t plan for it.

At work, I’ve successfully trained, assisted, reviewed, revised, nagged, and filed the people responsible for the file plans/ the file plans themselves for nearly 200 business units. I really enjoyed the project, though it has been my major focus since late February. During that I also made a completely awesome spreadsheet for tracking reference requests, charge-outs, and sending accessions off-site. I’m pretty proud of it and am now able to write vlookup and hlookup directions like a champ.

Now I’m working on policy – writing my own pieces, reviewing for others – and working on cleaning up the files. There’s a really great work balance right now. I get to have meetings where I talk to other people, then focused writing/editing time, then I get to close myself in the records room, put on some music and verify labels/chron order are correct.

And that about wraps up the last month for me.


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