Posted by: stackedfivehigh | July 27, 2011

And there’s the reference work I asked for

Last week I mentioned the lack of reference work – which I need to have for one of my internship “goals” – and Monday morning we had a research request. That’s handy. I spent this Monday trying to find pictures of a particular doctor – not hard, as he had been with the hospital for at least 20 years, and we had a number of pictures of him from the hospital, from newspapers and magazines that wrote on him, etc.

The request was specifically for a picture of the doctor in the midst of scrubbing with other surgeons. Teeny bit harder to find, but I found one of him at the main scrub station with three other surgeons. It was already a black and white print in another book, but it fit the request. I also included some of him performing surgery with other surgeons – it might be useful.

Our collection area is pretty small, and I honestly didn’t get how much time it could take to look for a picture. I spent a solid 4 hours going through about 6 different collections that could have held what I needed. It was only one  research request, but it definitely gave me a real feel for brainstorming possible areas for review, the balance of speed and thoroughness, and the overall experience of reference work. I look forward to the next.


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