Posted by: stackedfivehigh | June 10, 2011

Welcome to summer semester

All of my classes have started – including my crazy short history class on the Pacific theater of WWII, which is from last Saturday to this Saturday. That should be a breeze, right? I’m busily making my two color-coded schedules for the semester and getting the hang of what each professor prefers for our weekly discussion posts.

Let’s see – what have I been doing at the archives. Right now a lot of what I’m doing is sort of orientation. Learning how the system and files are organized, getting a sense of what we have in the archives, why, what we would like to accumulate, and so on. I’m waiting to hear back from the higher-ups at the hospital as to whether everyone is on board with my writing a disaster plan for the archives. This will be pretty labor-intensive, and will involve quite a bit of outreach to other parts of the hospital. If that isn’t approved I will probably work on an extensive video collection project that needs to be undertaken. We have four giant boxes of VHS tapes, a dozen or so BETA, and a set of tapes of – well, we honestly don’t know what type – bigger than a VHS, but looks like it.  Anyone? It’s on the list of things to google at some point. There are a good number of audio cassettes as well. And we don’t know what’s on many of these. So this little project would involve watching, summarizing, indexing, and ideally digitzing – or at least converting to a DVD.

I need a large project that will have a real, grade-able product for the internship to get me college credit, so the disaster plan or video collection indexing should work well. I understand the essence of a disaster plan, but since I’ve never written one, I’m planning on spending most of my Monday doing some serious research into the matter. I know the National Archives has some great ideas, as does ARMA, so I’ll start there and see what ideas, and questions, I can come up with.


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