Posted by: stackedfivehigh | March 16, 2011

I’m still a bad blogger

I’ll really go back to posting every week. Seriously.

During the break I’ve learned a lot more about archival principles – this week’s lecture was on laws and ethics. We’ll be given ethical dilemmas to discuss on our online discussion board in the next day or two. My professor is pretty sneaky, so I’m expecting them to be difficult situations.

I’m busily looking at fully-online MLS/MLIS programs. I made a spreadsheet comparing: number of credits/max years allowed, cost, specializations. It looks like University of Maryland is my best bet, hopefully they feel the same way about me. I’ll start studying for the GRE soon – I’ll be ready for grad school next summer or fall, so I need to get testing done and applications in by February of next year. I’m incredibly excited about grad school and the opportunity to learn more about the different areas of library science.

In other school news, records management and archival administration classes are going well, but I need to spend some quality time on those term papers (and a few more term papers while I’m at it).

I’m looking at other internship/volunteer positions, also. I really love my archives, and the training they’ve been giving me is amazing, but if I can get experience dealing with other types of collections or doing other types of work, that would be a great opportunity.

Any good opportunities other than NARA in the Baltimore/DC areas?


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