Posted by: stackedfivehigh | January 24, 2011

Happy Spring Semester!

Two of my classes have already started, two start next Monday, and my one face-to-face class starts this afternoon. I love the beginning of the semester – perhaps because I like making lists and color-coded schedules. I’m very excited about my class this afternoon – it’s about archival administration and while I’m alarmed at the amount of reading on the syllabus, it looks fascinating.

Neatly paralleling that is my second records management class, which is focusing on records reproduction and imaging. It’s interesting, but reading lengthy standards can get tiresome – and if there’s one thing the imaging industry has, it’s an exhaustive number of standards.

U.S. History, 1865-present, a class on technical/business writing, and a short class on research techniques round out my semester.

Some of the excitement at my museum: When Cholent Goes Bad. I’m not in any of the pictures – it was cold and I decided to miss out on historically relevant bean opening to stay in the heat and work on my collection. Bad historian!

Is everyone getting ready for, or starting in on, their Spring semester? Any good classes?


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