Posted by: stackedfivehigh | January 1, 2011

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. I finished my book shopping for next semester, have been having a great break between classes, and am desperately waiting for school to start again for my bouncing-off-the-walls son.

I also learned that I really do need the directions to make a box. My collection was half in old boxes, so when it was time to transfer to the lovely archival acid-free boxes I was sure it would be intuitive – or I’d try three times and resign myself to following the instructions that are printed on each box because it’s really not that straight-forward. Sure, it’s not hard after you’ve done a couple, but I challenge anyone to get it right the first time.

When is school starting for everyone? I have one class starting on the 10th, two on the 17th, and one on the 24th. One more week!



  1. Ah, you reminded me that I need to purchase my books!

    I want to buy some archival folders so I can put my super precious artwork in them securely. My teacher told me that they should then be fine to keep in my fire safe chest. I certainly hope so!

    School starts back here on the 10th, but I’ll be helping out with orientation in a week!

    Happy New Year to you!

    • Have you considered digitizing also? It’s not the best way of preserving a painting, but for other mediums, it’s a good back-up.

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