Posted by: stackedfivehigh | November 28, 2010

Wrapping up the paper

It’s getting toward the end of the semester, and I’m steadily working on wrapping up my papers. My records management paper is stalling out a bit, mostly due to how many interesting tangents I’m able to wander off in. Once or twice I’d realize that I’d spent an hour or two on a meandering Google path involving DoD 5015.3 discussions or similar.  The most useful reference that I’ve found, surprisingly, is my notes from the SAA conference over the summer.  I attended a seminar that addressed electronic records, specifically born-digital records, which has been a huge help.

At the museum, I’m still pulling staples. I’ve heard jokes that this is what Purgatory is like, but I really do find it relaxing, if sort of boring to tell you every week that I’m still pulling staples and re-housing.

How’s the end of the semester going for everyone? What’s the plan for next semester?



  1. Right now I’m about to start my final – two questions, five pages each. I just accepted a student loan so I’ll finally be able to take more than one class a semester. I finally stand a chance of actually graduating sometime before my children do! Next semester, I’m taking Historical Research and Collection Management.

    • Historical Research and Collection Management sounds pretty awesome. I have a Historical Writing class that I’m already mildly afraid of.

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