Posted by: stackedfivehigh | November 12, 2010


This post has very little to do with the point of my blog, except as an excuse for being a bad blogger.  I just came back from a lovely vacation in Mexico, which made me miss two weeks of my archival work.  Next week I’ll be back to the staple/rehousing.

Does anyone else get sucked in to reading stuff when they’re doing basic preservation? I honestly think it would go faster if there were a few people chatting while doing it.  Otherwise, you end up catching interesting words or phrases on the paper, and 10 minutes later realize that you’re reading someone’s letters from 60 years before – or perhaps that’s just me.  Honestly it’s not that bad, but it can be difficult to pull away from some of the interesting stuff.

On the school front – I’m sort of overwhelmed by my rec mgmt paper. There’s just so much information, it’s hard to pull in a tight focus.  I’m starting to delve a bit more into government best practices for e-recs. That might be a more manageable subject to deal with.

How’s everyone else doing with school, staples, etc?



  1. I’m in paper hell myself. It’s so frustrating – this should be one of the easiest papers I’ve ever done (a 5-page website review), but I’ve been wrestling with it like it’s a 30-page magnum opus. It’s due tomorrow and I’m inching along the home stretch.

    I had to create a finding aid for my last assignment, and I agree – I got sucked into the material I was creating the aid for! My professor said we didn’t have to read every document, but I ended up reading all of them – I’m in trouble if I ever do get a job as an archivist!

    • I’ve only ever created a finding aid for a manuscript collection that I’d processed – so I got any reading out of the way during the survey. It has to be harder to not read everything when writing a finding aid if you don’t know the collection well.

  2. We had to write the finding aid based on the information we had in front of us only – we couldn’t Google the subject because the actual finding aid would come up! It was a challenge, but I was happy overall with how it turned out. I think once I start processing collections and creating finding aids ‘for real’, I’ll get caught up in all the reading! 🙂

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