Posted by: stackedfivehigh | August 27, 2010

It’s hard to survey

I’m doing the initial survey for my new collection, and it is super hard to not get drawn in.  I looked at my notes and the length for each box just slowly expanded, until I went from a paragraph for my first box to a page for the sixth box – not good!  I have a new rule – no typing until I’m done looking at the entire box.  That way I don’t auto-pilot notes.  The notes I’ve taken so far will be useful later, of course, but for now I really just need to get a sense of the overall collection without noting all the details.  I hope to finish the survey next week so I can dig in to the collection a bit more.

In addition to my museum work, the semesters have changed over – sadly without a break, but that is what happens when you take classes from different colleges at the same time.  I actually had a week of semester overlap.  I’m starting my first records management class, and I’m very excited.  The archivist in me steadfastly denies the “destruction” phase in the information life cycle, and I’m particularly interested in learning more about how the focus of records management and that of archives can be reconciled.


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