Posted by: stackedfivehigh | August 9, 2010

Love is an 11-box collection

Or maybe that’s trust.  Either way.

Jennifer and I finished talking about my last collection, the first one that I really followed to the end and did the finding aid and everything for.  So far I’ve only handled 2-box manuscript collections, getting me used to  how to process a collection.

Now I’ve graduated to a slightly more complex project – 11 boxes.  I’m ridiculously excited and have told everyone who will listen to me, even though no one has any idea why I’m excited (increased complexity, more information).  The best part is that it’s untouched.  Basic accession stuff has happened already, of course, but aside from getting boxed up and stored, no one’s done anything with it.

On Friday I started with some digitizing, and didn’t start the collection until the end of the afternoon, so I’ve only had a chance to survey the first couple boxes.  Stay tuned for riveting updates on the life of Frankie (Frankie being the owner of the papers).


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