Posted by: stackedfivehigh | June 13, 2010

Museum trip and date ranges

The trip to the museum on Friday was great.  The exhibit was really moving, and presented a lot of information I didn’t know.  I had the opportunity to tour the new exhibit as well as the main portion of the museum that doesn’t change.  Interesting historical irony – the Statue of Freedom on top of the Capitol dome was entirely done by slaves.  The foreman was a slave, he designed the 4.5 ton statue, was in charge of the casting, of the other workers, of transporting the statue and having it installed on the dome.  Fascinating and deplorable.

If anyone is in the Greater Baltimore area, or in relative driving distance, I recommend spending a couple hours there.  It was a really educational experience.

After the tour and a great brunch and volunteer appreciation presentation, I headed back to my museum for more box list/finding aid work.  I was primarily working on the general scope, trying to summarize the year range and contents of each series of folders.  I will admit to not getting as much done as perhaps I could have because I was getting advice from Jen on a couple of research papers, and that evolved into some interesting conversation on research, primary and secondary sources, the evolution of thesis statements and so on.  Working for an archivist (what I want to be) who was a history major (what I am) who just graduated a couple years ago is such an incredible asset.


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