Posted by: stackedfivehigh | May 29, 2010

Cool blog I found and PastPerfect

To revisit last week’s post about digitization and archiving, I discovered a really interesting blog post from a couple years ago about just that: The Promise of Digital History.  Actually, this whole blog seems full of interesting stuff.

Week before last I spent the day working in PastPerfect.  I’m getting into a pretty good rhythm with the software, though there are definitely still times that I have to consider how to describe a photograph.  It can be difficult to think of what people will want to know about it, without having access to the actual image.

This week I did the same, but spent a good portion of the day scanning photos, as I had run out of scanned photos to put in the database.  I never realized how long a full-page high-res scan takes.

The important lesson of the week – don’t assume anything, even if it really makes sense to you at the time.  I had been adding ascension numbers to the photographs a couple months ago, and quite a few of them had tons of numbers on the back, especially in the bottom right corner.  So, when I was updating the numbers to the current group, I would put them in the bottom left, or top right, or wherever there was space.  For you archivists-in-training out there – it always goes in the bottom right corner.  Or as close to it as you can get.  Don’t let the numbers on various other areas of the back of the picture lead you astray.  Or you will be correcting your assumption while waiting for lengthy hi-res scans.

Next week should be back to my collection.  I’ve finished my initial review and am reorganizing the files.


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