Posted by: stackedfivehigh | April 23, 2010

Two projects

Jennifer, the archivist at the museum, has decided that I’m trained enough on the basics that now it’s just a matter of practice.  I’ll alternate weeks between my two projects.  Last Friday,  I was working on PastPerfect again.  I finished updating the records with photographs that had been scanned to the system, so I started scanning more in.  On PastPerfect days, I’ll continue doing that – scanning in photos and updating/completing the records in the database.  I know I already mentioned it, but I really like this software.  Granted, I’ve only used a fraction of the tools available, but it is really intuitive and simple to use.  After just two days of using the program it’s already second nature and I’m getting through the records without having to think about the next step in the process.

Today was back to my new collection.   I’m still doing the survey, though I’m almost finished with that.  Some of this is pretty difficult to get the hang of.  The idea is straightforward – look through each file and recap the contents.  But when one folder contains pretty much every kind of business correspondence you can think of – thank you letters, requests for grants, flyers, receipts, committee meeting notes, and so on – it’s hard to summarize.  Also, many of these folders contain hundreds of papers, so it takes a little time to go through and assess.

Today was also unique in finding the 45 year old photocopies that were not in very good shape.  I really hated straightening them out to make another copy, which I did under Jennifer’s watchful eye.  She reassured me that dealing with onionskin paper was much worse, which was one of her first collections.  Dozens of tissue-thin sheets of paper, all stapled together, making it that much worse.  I only had a couple pages, though also stapled, bent, tearing, scary.  The real shame is that the pages had faded so much, most of the information on them is lost.

Back to PastPerfect next week, and I think I’ll finish the survey and be able to start considering the contents for reorganizing folders during the week after.


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