Posted by: stackedfivehigh | March 22, 2010

First box done

Friday I wrapped up my first box of files.  After finishing up a little bit of rehousing that was left, I made the box list.  That, simply enough, consisted of making a Word document showing the list of files that corresponded to each box in a series.  There was only one box, so that made it easier still.  A brief summary paragraph at the top explaining the types of documents found in the files, and the box is ready to go down into the basement until it’s needed again.

After that I was banished to the basement for several hours of photo scanning.  Exactly the same type as I had done before, adjusting the settings to ensure an accurate copy of the photograph.  It’s sort of funny that so much time has gone into the software for scanners to help you get a good looking picture, and we just want an accurate replication so undo all those helpful settings.  I was scanning institutional archive photos – mostly events at the museum.  It’s pretty easy to fall into a rhythm with the photo scanning if you have some good music playing, and I probably would have sat there all evening if someone hadn’t come down to tell me it was time to go home.

Another interesting day at the museum.  I wonder what’s on the agenda for next week.


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