Posted by: stackedfivehigh | February 27, 2010

Party planning

The museum is holding a party tonight, Saturday 27, so yesterday I was drafted into party planning and decorating.  I spent the afternoon making checkerboard patterns, collages, and abstract designs on various walls using reprints of film noir posters and still shots.  I got a surprisingly good workout from it – crouch, stand, stretch, up the ladder, down the ladder, squat, reach…

I’ll attach photos once they are available of all my creative hard work.  When I mentioned wanting to link the photos because I blog about my experiences at the museum, there was much excitement and the promise that I will be drafted into blogging for them as well.  The archivist, Jennifer, also informed me that things like party decorating (and the grocery shopping they were about to embark on for it as well) and planning, front desk work, and other odd jobs are just part of working at a small museum, and that it’s all good experience.  You have to be flexible, and able to fill in with whatever is needed.

Will post pics as soon as they’re up (which I’m guessing will happen eventually).


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